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Volunteerism & ICTs in Europe

Dissabte 4 Juliol 2009

Representatives from Belgium, Spain, Germany, Scotland, Switzerland, Romania, the Czech Republic, the UK and the Netherlands discussed ICTs and Volunteerism in Europe. The discussion brought together ideas and concerns about the emerging information society in relation to the volunteer sector. This was a critical first step of the WSIS volunteer progress to identify the key issues, which were further developed in later discussions. Here is a synthesis of this discussion by topic. In some cases topics are interlinked, but for the sake of clarity each point is mentioned only once. Dates and Place: 10 October 2003, Belgium, Belgium. Organizers: European Volunteer Center (CEV), ICVolunteers.

List of participants:

  • Christopher Spence, CEV President and National Centre for Volunteering, England
  • Lola Arias, Foundation for Solidarity and Voluntary Work of the Valencian Community
  • Raf de Zuteer, CEV Treasurer and Vlaams Steunpunt Vrijwilligerswerk, Belgium
  • Gerhald Edler, ARBES, Germany
  • Lesley Greenaway, VDS, Scotland
  • Eva Hambach, Vlaams Steunpunt Vrijwilligerswerk, Belgium
  • Gail Hurley, CEV, Belgium
  • Viola Krebs, ICVolunteers, Switzerland, Focal Point of the WSIS Volunteer Family
  • Josep Vicent Marin, Catalan Federation of Social Volunteer
  • Audrey Mathieu, Intern, CEV, Belgium
  • Ioana Muresan, ProVobis, Romania
  • Marc Nederlandt, Association pour le Volontariat, Belgium
  • Heinz-Jörg Seelmann-Eggebert, Aktion Gemeinsinn, Germany
  • Olga Sozanská, CEV Vice-President and HESTIA, Czech Republic
  • Marijke Steenbergen, CIVIQ, Netherlands

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