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Catalans vote in emblematic referendum on independence

Diumenge 28 Febrer 2010

(a The Guardian, "emblemàtic" newspaper anglès, en referència a la 1ª onada de consultes)

Llegir tot el text en l'enllaç aquí:

Unofficial vote in towns and villages in Spain's north-east region comes as constitutional court set to rule on autonomy charter

Several hundred thousand people in small towns and villages across Catalonia voted today in an emblematic, if partial and unofficial, referendum on whether Spain's north-east region should declare independence.

The referendum was held in towns and municipalities that are home to 15% of voters in an economically powerful region of 7 million inhabitants. Polling stations were manned by separatists and were mostly set up in areas of strong support.

Val, l'anglès de The Guardian és quasi-críptic..., tendenciós, etc... Jo també sóc tendenciós, s'admeten opinions a: josep_marin@geocities.com.

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