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Tomorrow I Remembered. PART ONE. The Hole. Chapter 4. A Peter Stevens book

Dijous 9 Març 2017

Jess dropped me at William’s office on her way to work. It was early, but he was waiting for me.
“Chris, I want you to meet with Liz Murray. She is an old colleague of mine from England. She will be working with you for the next few weeks.”   (...)

“Yeah, I remember you said something last week.” I really didn’t know where to start, so I was hoping for a hint. Maybe this Liz could help.

I knew deep down that I was in for a rough time, pummeled by unrelenting questions trying to get to the bottom of what had been happening to me. I had six weeks left of sick leave before I was due

back on duty. I just had to prove to myself and William and my boss that I was sane and stable. The new Chief Commissioner of Police was due to start soon, and I needed to be in on the hand-over. I was already formulating press-releases and the like in my head, but the chaos in there was not letting me think clearly. I was up against time, I knew.

“She’ll be meeting you tomorrow. You’ll like her,” William’s voice penetrated the chaos.

“I’ll reserve my judgment on that, William,” I whispered my response. He heard, but didn’t respond, just raised an eyebrow, then winked. I forced a smile. I had to roll over and play the game if I ever wanted to get back to doing what I loved.
Peter Stevens

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